What exercises should be performed to pump oblique muscles?

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Why do I need to pump the lateral muscles of the press. A selection of the best exercises for this muscle group. Useful recommendations.

In an effort to create the perfect press, beginners, as a rule, do only standard exercises. In this case, the oblique muscles of the abdomen remain practically without load. With this approach, the final result is unlikely to please. Let’s look at what back exercises bodybuilding you need to include in the training program, and how to pump the obliques of the abs most quickly?

Let’s start with the main

Let’s figure out why to pay attention to this muscle group. There are several nuances here:

  • the study of this part of the body contributes to the appearance of an ideal waist;
  • due to the development of the abdominal press, a small abdomen leaves faster;
  • relevant for athletes whose activities are associated with twisting the body;
  • useful for athletes who are involved in collective competitions where strong side impacts against the torso are possible. For example, relevant for hockey players, boxers, soccer players and so on.

Where to begin?

Before you pump obliques and do basic exercises, consider the following:

  • try not to eat food just before training (for 50-60 minutes);
  • do not start complex bicep exercises right away. Otherwise, you can harm untrained muscles;
  • try to avoid serious weights that can increase the waist (at least visually);
  • Before you start your workout, be sure to think twice. Otherwise, even a simple exercise can lead to sprains and other injuries.
dumbbell bends

How to download?

Now we begin to consider the most important thing – how to pump oblique muscles of the press. The main exercises include:

  1. Squats with dumbbells. Here, to perform the exercise, you need one dumbbell, which is thrown on the shoulder and is installed in a vertical position. After that, you can start squats until the hips are parallel to the floor. In the final position, you need to stop a little and then return to the starting position. The entire period of the exercise, the back should be straight. For each of the hands you need to do 12-14 squats.
  2. Dumbbell in one hand. To complete the exercise, it is enough to take the shell in one hand, spread your legs at a distance of 20-30 centimeters from each other. Hold the dumbbell so that it is located at a distance of 8-10 centimeters from the body. After tensing the muscles of the peritoneum (as if before taking a hit) and walk. Then change your hand and repeat the exercise in the same way.
  3. Side plank. If you ask a professional how to pump up the side press, he will definitely advise one of the varieties of the bar. The difference is that the emphasis is on one elbow, the torso is located sideways to the floor, the back is straight, the upper leg is raised. Hold the foot for 8-10 seconds. Note that this exercise is best not to be applied until the usual lateral bar (with the setting of both legs) is mastered.
  4. T-shaped scrolling. Take a standard position of an emphasis lying and transfer weight to the left leg. Now you need to turn so that the hand is pointing up. Pause for 2-3 seconds and return to the original. After, repeat the same manipulation, but with the other hand.
  5. Stabilization of the crust. Take a position on the floor, lower limbs bend at the knee joints. Take a small pancake (select the appropriate weight), hold it in front of you on outstretched arms. After without changing the position of the case, turn your hands to the left and right side to the maximum stop. Take a short break at each position.
  6. Dog bird. To perform this exercise, you need to kneel down and use your hands to rest on the floor. In this case, the hands should be placed exactly under 90 degrees. Now tear off the arm and leg from the floor (left and right, respectively), and freeze for 8-10 seconds. After alternate legs and arms. In the case when the exercise seems too simple, tear off the knee only 7-10 cm from the cover.
  7. Twisting the bear. This is one of the best upper back exercises to work out the oblique muscles of the press. Everything is simple here. Take the position of “lying down”, then stretch your arms and lower yourself to your knees. Make the thigh “look” down and upright, with your arms under your shoulders. Perform a jump so that the knee joints stop 8-10 cm from the cover. After twisting the body to the right side, ensure that the elbow and knee joint on the left are somewhere opposite the chest. Take a short pause, and then change the position.
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Additional exercises

Below we consider how to pump up the lateral muscles of the press using a number of additional exercises. Here it is worth highlighting:

  1. Tilts of the body from a standing position. Take a position, place your feet and raise your hands. Now let the air out and tilt your torso forward, while at the same time twisting the abs muscles in the waist area. After touching the fingers of one hand (for example, the left) to the foot of the other leg (in this case, the right). Become straight and repeat this exercise, but with a different pair of arms and legs. The total number of repetitions is 16-18 times.
  2. Raising the shoulder blades. A feature of this exercise is the maximum ease of execution. All that is required here is to lie down on the floor, bend the knee joints, raise your hands and keep them at shoulder level. Now strain the press and begin to raise the shoulder blades simultaneously with the limb adjacent to it. Here you need to make sure that the shoulder blades are as close as possible to the vertebra, and the pelvic part fit snugly against the floor. Do several sets of this exercise (3-4) and 6-8 reps.
training result


Knowing how to pump oblique muscles of the press, you can achieve an excellent result and form the expected relief. With proper nutrition and a clear organization of training, the muscles will gain the expected relief in a few weeks.

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