What exercises can help expand your shoulders?

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What principles should be followed in training shoulders. What are the most effective deltoid exercises.

Broad shoulders are one of the main manifestations of masculinity and strength, respecting other men and trembling in the chest in women. Despite this, many athletes do not pay due attention to this muscle group. This is not only due to reluctance. Just newcomers, and sometimes experienced athletes can not imagine how to make your shoulders wider.

Useful Tips

To expand your shoulder muscles, consider the following recommendations:

  1. Increase weight regularly while doing the bench press. With this approach, it is possible to increase the total force of deltas and increase them in volumes.
  2. Choose only the weights that will allow you to perform the approach with strict adherence to technology. If other muscles start to work, use dumbbells with less weight.
  3. Achieve maximum burning sensation in the main muscle group while performing the max. This parameter is one of the main ones in the study of deltoid muscles.
  4. When doing bench presses, try not to extend your arms to the elbow joints to the end. Keep your shoulders as tight as possible at the same time. In this case, you can achieve the greatest efficiency.
  5. In the bench press and swing, try to work with a slight delay in the upper position. This is necessary to further reduce muscle fibers.
  6. The shoulders are a small muscle group, which allows them to recover much faster. Therefore, the rest between sets should not be more than 45 seconds. Control this parameter with a stopwatch and try not to exceed the permissible time.
  7. When working out your shoulders, work on reducing the waist. This approach will make the shoulders visually wider. At the same time, do not pump trapezes that visually downplay your achievements.
  8. The deltoid muscles are not afraid of overtraining (even with high activity classes).
  9. To achieve excellent results, try to do more repetitions. For example, the optimal number of repetitions for the deltoid muscles is 15-20.
  10. The best combination is training your back and shoulders in one day. If possible, the deltoid muscles are even better to work out separately.
  11. The training process should begin with swings in the slope. In this case, the muscle group is prepared for more serious work without excessive fatigue.
  12. Many beginners are afraid to overload the muscles of the shoulders with a large number of bicep exercises. In fact, this group is not afraid of this. The larger and richer the workout, the better.
  13. Do not work your deltoid muscles before training your chest. Otherwise, the working weights will be significantly reduced.
Exercise with dumbbells

Help Exercises

Since we’ve already started talking about how to make your shoulders wider, let’s look at a number of effective back exercises at home with dumbbellsThese include:

  1. Pulling up. The advantage of this exercise is the development of almost all groups of the shoulder region. The main thing to do is the right technique. Everything is simple here. Lift the body as smoothly as possible (only due to musculature). A similar approach should be when lowering. Watch the grip strength and vertical torso in relation to the floor. When doing repetitions, avoid any rocking and inertia. An important point is proper breathing. In the case of pull-ups, air must be gained on the descent, and exhaled on the rise.
  2. Exercise with dumbbells. To work out the deltoid muscles, dumbbells are increasingly used. There are several options here:
    • circular movements are performed according to a simple algorithm. Choose dumbbells that are suitable for weight and rotate your hands. In no case do not rush, and exclude any jerks (this can lead to injury). Pay special attention to weight selection – during rotation there should not be excessive stress and pain;
    • Shrags are another effective exercise. Take a straight stand, take dumbbells (hands are near the torso). Tilt your body a little forward, and on the contrary, lower your shoulders down. Next, move your shoulders up and a little back. Hold for a short time in this position and move your shoulders horizontally, that is, forward. Twitching and spinning are excluded in this back exercises at home. Watch your elbow joints, torso and legs – all these parts of the body should be fixed in one place;
    • Breeding dumbbells. This exercise works well on the back and middle of the deltoid muscles. Stand straight, arms with a load near the torso, elbow joints are at a slight angle and are fixed throughout the exercise. Now spread your arms along the widest possible arc. Watch your palms – they should look down. Try to raise and lower as smoothly as possible. Hands should be lifted until parallel to the floor. The ideal option is to perform the exercise with one, and then with the other hand;
    • Swing forward. To work out the front start of the deltoid muscles, perfectly fitting the dumbbell swings (barbells) forward. Occupy a standard rack, and tilt the case slightly. Hands should be near the body, palms “look” inward, elbows slightly bent. Now begin to raise the arm until the hand reaches the level of the shoulders. Take a short break and return to the starting position. Next, perform similar movements with the other hand. During the exercise, make sure that the legs and body remain fixed, and the elbows are slightly bent. You can hold dumbbells with a regular (direct) or neutral grip.Exercise with dumbbells. To work out the deltoid muscles, dumbbells are increasingly used. There are several options here:
  3. Barbell exercises. A great option for working out the shoulders is using a barbell. Here you can highlight:
    • Standing barbell press – the basis for the development of the deltoid muscles. The technique is simple. Grasp the bar at a level wider than your shoulders and place the barbell on your chest. Make sure your back is slightly bent in the lower back. Next, squeeze the bar to the top point and return it to its original position. The basic rules of the exercise are moderate pace, the exclusion of inertia, the elbow joints slightly set forward;
    • Bench press sitting. This exercise is performed similarly, with the only difference being that it can be performed in a sitting position. In this case, it is possible to lower the bar both on the chest and behind the head.
Barbell exercises


To work out beautiful shoulders is not as difficult as it might seem. It is important to consider a number of features of the deltoid muscles – the ability to quickly recover, love for a large number of repetitions and the right technique. If everything is done correctly, then the result will amaze not only you, but all your friends (first of all, the fair sex).

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