What exercises are most effective for pumping the neck

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Why warming up is very important when pumping the neck, how to do it correctly. The technique of performing the best exercises for this muscle group.

For some reason, few of the newcomers pay attention to the neck. At the same time, it is believed that the cervical muscles are secondary and do not require additional training. But this is not so. The transition from head to body is very important for the formation of a full-fledged image of an athlete. We must not forget that this site is almost always open and is direct evidence of the presence (absence) of muscles and a beautiful body. But few people know how to build neck muscles. Often it comes down to performing banal exercises, which are mostly ineffective and increase the risk of injury.

The importance of warming up

Any training should begin with a warm-up. This is especially true when it comes to such a crucial area as the neck. Of course, many do not ignore this recommendation at all, zealously turning their heads and hands. Only here, warming up according to the “if only” principle is not suitable here. Before performing exercises for the muscles of the neck, it is important to disperse blood throughout the periphery of the vertebral part. This will avoid unnecessary overvoltage or accidental spasm.

Forget about physical education conducted by illiterate teachers. Kneading the neck at high speed is prohibited. Already this is enough to earn a serious injury and deal with it for a long time in the future. Of course, one wrong warm-up is unlikely to lead to serious problems, but regular ignoring the rules can cause serious problems.

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Qualitative warming up of the neck muscles should include the following exercises – tilting the head (back, forward, left and right), light movements in a circle (to one and the other side, alternately), creating an emphasis with the palm of your hand and overcoming the efforts of the neck muscles (on all four sides )

neck pumping

Useful conditions

Before considering the basics of how to pump your neck at home, consider a few recommendations:

  • for a high-quality study of the neck muscles, it is enough to allocate 10 minutes for training, 1-2 times a week. The most preferred number of repetitions for each exercise is 15-20;
  • keep up the pace – it should not be “reactive”. Act as carefully and slowly as possible;
  • Do not chase large weights, because you can easily injure your neck. This is especially true if you have never trained these muscles. Increase weights gradually when a feeling of readiness for a greater load appears;
  • performing exercises, act as smoothly as possible – there should be no twitching of the head;
  • watch your feelings. The appearance of severe discomfort or pain is an occasion to suspend training;
  • the cervical region is very traumatic, therefore, when tilting the head to either side, control the sensations as much as possible. If there is pain, then it is better to postpone the slopes;
  • Today, there are many ways to pump your neck at home. It remains only to choose the appropriate exercises and put them into practice.

Core exercises

Now consider a few exercises that, according to most athletes, are the most effective:

  1. Clamp exercise. There are several options for doing it – standing or sitting. At the initial stage, it is better to give preference to the second option in order to at least partially relieve the spine. A collar is needed to increase the load on the neck muscles. The algorithm itself is as follows:
    • put a special collar on your head;
    • occupy a working position (sitting or standing);
    • raise your head to the top point, fix it in this position for a while, then exhale and lower it until you touch the chin of the body. Lowering and raising the head should be made exclusively in one line to avoid damage;
    • work with full amplitude and try to keep your back as flat as possible.
  2. Flexion of the neck, lying on your back with a “pancake”. In this exercise, the neck gets the maximum load, so be careful and adhere to the rules described above. The algorithm of actions itself is as follows:
    • lie down on a horizontal bench (on your back), picking up a pancake with the necessary weight. Take such a position that the neck hangs slightly from the edge of the sunbed. After putting the pancake on your head (for example, through a towel) and hold it with your hands;
    • start to rise gradually. At the same time, lower your head as low as possible, take a breath and begin to rise. At the top, remember to exhale;
    • movement should be in a straight line.
  3. Flexion of the neck, lying on the chest. The technique of this exercise is similar to the past – the difference is only in the position of the body on the bench. As in the previous case, you can work with additional cargo or without it.
  4. Slopes with a partner. This method of working out the neck is one of the most effective. The main difficulty is to find a good partner who will help to work out the neck muscles efficiently, and not to damage them. The principle of the exercise is as follows:
    • take a position on the bench and press your knees to the chest. At the same time, arms cover the legs;
    • the assistant carefully puts his hands on the back of the head and begins to push. The strength should be exactly such that you have enough muscle reserve to overcome it and raise your head;
    • after a full head lift, the assistant should push in the opposite direction. That is, already lowering the head should occur with additional resistance;
    • act in full amplitude and on one line. As one of the options for this exercise – tilting the head left and right (again, with the help of a partner).
  5. Tilts with a towel. A feature of this exercise is the possibility of its implementation, both with an assistant and independently. In the latter case, you must have a towel on hand. The algorithm is as follows:
    • sit down evenly, fold the towel several times diagonally and lay it on the back of the head;
    • pull the towel in one direction and tilt your head in the other. In fact, the cervical muscles struggle with the effort created by the hands.
pumping the neck


That’s all – now you know exactly how to pump up your neck and prevent injuries of such a crucial area. Try to strictly follow the technique and do not chase the scales. In this case, do not expect lightning fast results. As practice shows, the issue of an effective study of the neck can take several months, or even years.

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