The truth about disadvantages of running: girls only

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For a change, a post in the girls only format is about the girl cons of running.

Thanks to marketing and social networks, jogging is presented to girls in the form of glamorous sneakers, hoodies with long sleeves (a jacket with a hood and a T-shirt with a sleeve is not fashionable), motivating selfies with mandatory pathos signatures in English and training sessions in a party format. Plus, an ideal figure, because everyone knows that they lose weight from running. And you, so beautiful, strong and unstoppable, fly towards dawn with a spiritual expression on your face … Of course, you cannot say that all this is not true – rather, only a glossy part of the truth. As always, there is a downside – less appetizing.

Changes In Runners Body Include Working Feet

Have you noticed how the hands of a rural resident, who has a farm and a garden, and an office worker with a keyboard and mouse, differ? Even if you imagine that the first one does a manicure in the salon on a regular basis and regularly uses lotions, face masks, working hands that do a lot of physical labor, you can’t hide it. Alas, the same story is with working legs that run a lot.

The longer the distance and the larger the running volumes, the greater the load on the feet, and the less ideal their condition and pedicure. Calluses, petty scuffs, corns, damaged nails (and if you have not guessed with shoes, as is often the case with beginners, then black ones falling away) – have you changed your mind about running yet? Of course, all this is not immediately and simultaneously, but it happens. To finish off, I add that many amateur runners note an increase in foot size.

The good news is that working legs are practical. Any movement on one’s own, whether it be hours-long walks around the cities on a trip or hiking along the trails, is easy and fun.

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Shoe Degradation – Running Shoes vs Heels

At first, everything looks fine, just your shoe collection is replenished with cute sneakers. Then you begin to prepare for the marathon and put on comfortable shoes so as not to strain your legs before a difficult workout. Well, after running about 30 kilometers, the next day, the last thing I want to do is to put my tired legs into narrow high heel shoes. Then all this beautiful model shoes starts to crush and interfere, and you are increasingly choosing convenience. The final stage of degradation: whenever possible, you wear running sneakers as casual shoes, including with skirts and dresses

The good news: more comfortable shoes – healthier feet. No matter how comfortable the pad and model are, regular wearnarrow shoes with high heels have a bad effect on the condition of the musculoskeletal system, any orthopedist will confirm this.

Running Workouts And Losing Weight

Shocking news: running does not help to lose weight. You lose weight when calorie expenditure exceeds their consumption (hello, captain evidence).

The standard scenario looks like this: you are determined to lose weight and go for a run. Run a few kilometers and are terribly happy with yourself. Fresh air + moderate exercise = good appetite. The problem is that calorie consumption over a short distance turns out to be very modest (experiment for fun with calculators), the accumulated appetite easily compensates for it and adds it from above. Plus, the psychological trap of “I ran, so I can afford more delicious.” Bottom line: stubbornly run x months, the effect is zero.

Many manage to gain weight even when preparing for a marathon: in addition to appetite, such a factor as the need for a good recovery, including with the help of adequate nutrition, appears here. I ate badly – I didn’t recover – I don’t have enough strength for the next training session. The result is overeating. To find your own in-out balance, you will need experience, control and the ability to observe your body.

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The good news: thanks to running, you begin to eat more properly . Training after heavy and fatty foods is more like masochism, so willy-nilly you have to adjust the diet towards a healthier one.

If you learn to feel your balance, then with marathon volumes you can eat quite a lot. I always watch with pleasure how “oh, you probably don’t eat anything” in my address is transformed into “oh, you eat well”

Track Workout And Figure

If your goal is to make a beautiful figure, running in its pure form is a useless way. It’s more efficient to spend this time on strength training in the gym and optimizing nutrition. Being engaged only in running, at best you will lose weight (if you do not overeat) and improve the shape of your legs (if you like not model limbs, bones, but legs with muscles). Above, a dubious result is obtained, especially when dry for long distances. Just look at the figures of professional marathon runners.


Paula Radcliffe, No. 1 World Record Marathon

Paula Radcliffe, No. 1 World Record Marathon

Liliya Shobukhova, world record number 2 in the marathon

Liliya Shobukhova, world record number 2 in the marathon


Another unpleasant moment: long-distance running is bad for flexibility. If you were a tree, then without regular stretching and yoga turn into an iron tree.

The good news: moderately (running + power + yoga) + healthy eating = harmonious and beautiful result.

Exotic Tan After Running

Jogging on the street in the summer is a noticeable tan, not only on the face. That’s just on the rest of the parts it turns out in the form of T-shirts and shorts. With regular jogging and irregular visits to the beach to level this is problematic.

Good news: goodbye, spring green complexion. Still, light tan and regular movement in the fresh air positively affect the appearance.

Track Workouts Aesthetics

The way we present ourselves on the run and the way we actually look are very different things. Watching a video becomes a shock. Well, this person can’t barely move her feet (by the way, it was the final acceleration!) With her hands moving strangely and my little finger aristocratically set aside for some reason, I’m running beautifully and skillfully. Here is the running meme on the topic:

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Somewhere like that

Somewhere like that

Want progress and better results? So, you have to leave the comfort zone. At the same time, few people succeed in portraying a spiritualized face from advertising; the process of suffering and patience rarely decorates a woman. Still have to sweat well, and the skin will be covered with salt. If you work well at intervals or at the finish, you can vomit in the most natural way. In short, running is a physiological process, and not all physiological manifestations look aesthetically pleasing.

The good news: post-finish endofrins decorate. Such happy and luminous faces like runners after a competition or just a successful run, are rare in life.

And for the beauty there are skirts, shorts, golfs, and all this cheerful colors

And for the beauty there are skirts, shorts, golfs, and all these cheerful colors

Physiological Details Of Running Workouts

At one point, you find yourself enthusiastically discussing the intricacies … uh … the digestive system in a male company. Or thoroughly changing clothes near someone’s car on the main street of the city. Or using the bushes closest to the start instead of the corresponding booth (there, as always, the line is too long) together with fellow runners. The concept of the norm is imperceptibly shifted, and excessive modesty and bashfulness disappear somewhere. From a mystery woman you turn into a sexless runner

The good news is that the circle of male friends between the ages of 16 and 70+ is expanding markedly. And all as a selection: do not drink, do not smoke and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Who should not run

Running training is only suitable for those girls and women for whom it is not contraindicated. Contraindication for running are serious chronic diseases. But even in this case, with an individual approach and specialist advice, an individual lightweight program can be chosen. If you still can’t run, you can just walk, it will also be beneficial.

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