The order and nuances of performing swings with dumbbells to the side

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What muscles will work when doing this exercise. The basics and nuances of competent technology, useful tips.

The first thing that distinguishes a well pumped torso is massive shoulders. The main forming role is played by the middle beam of deltas. For its elaboration, an effective and easy-to-perform exercise was created – swing the dumbbells to the sides.

What are its features? What errors are possible? How to perform the swing correctly? These and a number of other points are considered in this article.

Feature Exercise and Mistakes

As already mentioned, when performing swings, the load falls on the middle deltas. The correct technique guarantees the spherical shape of the shoulders, the formation of their width. The middle and posterior bundle of deltoid muscles create visual massiveness of the torso, attract the eyes of the opposite sex and make the body more aesthetic. But, despite the popularity of the exercise, there are not many holders of broad shoulders. The reasons are incorrect execution and gross errors in the technique.

Mahi dumbbells standing only at first glance technically simple exercise. In practice, it is worth learning to coordinate movements, feel the body, provide full muscle contraction, exclude the work of additional groups, and so on. The main thing is to guarantee “isolation”, that is, fix the limbs in the elbow and not bend your arms throughout the approach. With proper execution, the desired muscle will necessarily grow.

Key mistakes:

  • Cheating. The main problem for beginners is the race for big weights. It is worthwhile to understand that an excessive load excludes the possibility of a proper study of the shoulder girdle. The athlete inevitably connects the trapezium, hammer curls muscles worked of the arms and back to the work – jerking, casting, swinging and so on begin. In such a situation, gaining delta growth is unrealistic. To achieve hypertrophy, contractions should be carried out under the influence of an average load in a small time period.
  • Throwing of the elbow joint above the shoulders. Do not try to “take off” when doing the exercise. If you raise your elbows above the shoulder joint, it is easier to achieve growth not of the middle delta, but of the trapezium. The latter is more massive and takes over the load. Having captured a lot of weight, you will work out it, and your shoulders will remain intact.
  • High speed of execution. The rush in bodybuilding never leads to a result. The only thing that increases is the risk of injury. Work at a moderate pace, slowly. The main task is to feel the work of the middle delta, to ensure the highest level of load.
  • Takeout of arms forward. Try to keep them level with your torso. When carrying the load forward you risk losing balance.
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To avoid the described errors, it is worth remembering a simple technique. Imagine holding in your hands not dumbbells, but jugs filled with liquid. The main goal is to separate the “jugs” as if you are gradually pouring water – that is, the little fingers will be above the other fingers.

performing swings with dumbbells to the side

Technique: general rules

For the correct execution of the moves, proceed as follows:

  1. Stand on a flat surface. Arrange the feet so that they are slightly wider than the shoulders, socks are divorced. Watch your back – it should be flat, slightly bend the torso forward. Bend your arms slightly in the elbow joint and lock in this position. The average angle is 120 degrees. Do not lift your shoulders – they should be lowered throughout the exercise. Grip the dumbbells tightly (palms “look” at the hips). Make sure that they lightly touch the legs (no need to rest on them). Bend your knees slightly to maintain balance during the approach.
  2. As soon as the starting position is occupied, start moving with the dumbbells to the sides. Keep your elbows out of position. In the process of lifting the load, the little finger should unfold up. As soon as the elbow joint has reached the level of the shoulder, it is worth fixing in this position and, with the exhalation, lower your hands down to touch the hip.
  3. Pay attention to breathing. At the time of lowering, gently release air from the lungs, and after touching the dumbbells to the femoral part, immediately begin a new cycle. Note that the return movement of the hands is slow, with control of the load at each point. At this stage, many try to bend the elbow joints – do not do this.
  4. Try to keep your lower back tense, and your body should be level.
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The technique is correct if during the approach there is a sensation of a middle delta, and its stretching at the lower point is felt physically. The effect is visible also visually – the muscle bundle is filled with blood and begins to stand out against the background of other groups. To improve the result and work out the muscle of a certain arm, alternate execution is allowed. This option is suitable for beginners who have not mastered the technique.

Useful Tips

When performing the moves it is worth considering a number of tips:

  • Choose your working weight wisely. If you increase the load, then the upper back (trapezoid) is connected to the work. We already mentioned that in such a situation the back takes the main load, and the deltas remain out of work. Also, overweight makes it necessary to bend the elbow more than the prescribed 120 degrees, which automatically reduces the result of the training (the effect of the lever in action).
  • The upper position of the hands is parallel to the floor. If you raise it higher, then the trapezoid is included in the work, and the shoulders are unloaded. That is why the wingspan is worth controlling.
  • Do not limit yourself only to swoops. Beginners believe that the side of the dumbbell is enough to work out the muscles. This is mistake. To speed up the “rounding” of the deltas, the training program should be supplemented with two bench presses – sitting and standing, as well as an upper back exercises on the back bundle of shoulders. With this approach, the deltoid muscle is worked out faster and deeper.
  • Include work on the block in the program. To “undermine” equipment or to eliminate unnecessary movements, it is worth working on such a projectile. The technique is simple. In the right hand, take the handle of the lower block, located on the left side, and in the left – the handle located on the right. At the first moment, the hands are crossed with each other, but later on the technique does not differ from the “dumbbell” one. Sequential execution for each of the hands is allowed separately.
  • Remember the importance of proper breathing. There are two advantages – obtaining additional energy for lifting, the best fixation of the back in a straightened form. The chest, which is filled with air, is a reliable support for the spinal column.
  • If during the back muscles exercises at home the body spontaneously pulls forward, then the weight is large and it is worth taking lighter dumbbells. The second probable problem is excessive bending at the elbow joint. Make sure that the arms are spread apart on the sides, and the initial bending angle does not change.
  • From time to time “shock” muscle groups with excessive weight. To do this, take dumbbells 15-20% more than usual. At the same time, lift the load to 40-45 degrees. For such a “shock” is allowed to allocate one workout per month.
middle deltas


In order for the Machs to give a result, observe a few rules:

  • Choose your dumbbell weight wisely.
  • Exclude the trapezoid (except for some cases described in the article).
  • Feel your muscles contract.
  • Follow the technique.

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