The most effective exercises for pumping triceps at home

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How often should you triceps at home. What exercises should be chosen, their competent execution technique.

A well-pumped triceps is not only beautiful. It makes the hands visually larger, complements the biceps, adorns the overall relief. At the same time, many believe that it is only possible to pump muscle well in a gym. But this is not so. Let’s look at how to pump triceps at home, and what exercises will be most effective.

What to consider?

To achieve real results, the exercises below should be performed daily. At the same time, you can’t get stuck at one pace for a long time. Regularly increase the intensity of training, and if possible – the load. Important factors are good sleep and a balanced diet, without which it is difficult to count on success.

In no case do not begin to perform exercises “from a snap.” Before pumping triceps, give your body a good aerobic load. For example, you can ride a bike or go for a run in the forest (at the stadium). A good option is a cardio simulator, if any.

Keep in mind that the quality of muscle development also depends on the technique and regularity of training.

muscle group

Types of exercises and their features

If you ask a professional how to pump triceps at home, he will recommend the following:

  1. Exercise number 1 – French bench press. To complete the exercise, you must have a small bench (you can buy it) or two stools. In the latter case, it is important that the shallows support your mass. The algorithm of actions is as follows:
    • take the necessary position on the sunbed so that your back is completely relaxed;
    • take the tool (it can be a dumbbell or a bar), having previously decided on the optimal weight. Better start with a small load, regularly increasing it;
    • The ideal distance between the brushes on the bar should be about 40 centimeters. At the same time, make the grip normal (palms are turned away from the face);
    • leave your elbows in the same place, and lower your hands with a load behind your head;
    • Perform the required number of flexion and extension of the arms. In this case, do not forget about the importance of proper breathing. Do 3-5 sets. The number of repetitions in each of them is 10-12;
    • at the end of the approach, get up and let your breathing normalize. It will not be superfluous to drink water.
 French bench press
  1. Exercise number 2. Here, the principle is similar to the one discussed above. The only difference is that instead of a barbell, a dumbbell is used. By the way, in the absence of a barbell at home, this exercise can be a great alternative. The sequence of actions is as follows:
    • install the chair and lay on it so that the shoulder blades rest firmly on the base;
    • take a dumbbell so that your thumbs look towards your face;
    • support your elbow with your other hand and make a dumbbell movement behind your head. The optimal number of repetitions is 8-10 times. At the same time, make sure that there is no bulging of the elbow in front. After completing the approach, change your hand. The total number of sets is 3-4. Keep in mind the importance of proper breathing. While lowering the dumbbell, inhale, and when lifting, lift. Keep in mind that the success of this exercise largely depends on the correct breathing and the frequency of heart beats. Ideally, keep heart rate and pressure under control in order to select the load correctly.
  2. Exercise number 3. Here you need two stools or a pair of benches. In extreme cases, you can use only one stool, lowering your legs to the surface of the floor. The algorithm of actions is as follows:
    • place a bench or stools so that between them was about 70-80 centimeters. At the same time, make sure that the pieces of furniture are parallel to each other;
    • put your feet on one bench, and rest your hands on the other;
    • Now start gradually bending your elbows to the lowest possible point. At the final stage, rise to the starting position;
    • do a few repetitions (up to 12-15), given the importance of proper breathing. At the end of the exercise, take a couple of sips of clean water and give the body a rest. Perform several approaches in this way. To give a big load on the muscles of the triceps after each of the approaches, do 10-12 push-ups with as narrow a grip as possible.
  3. Exercise number 4. Here the sequence is as follows:
    • take a comfortable position on the chair and align your back;
    • lift the dumbbell so that the outside of the palm is facing up;
    • lower the load over your head. The main criterion for the correctness of the exercise is the feeling of stretching triceps;
    • straighten your hand;
    • do 10-13 repetitions and do the same for the other hand. With this exercise, you need to be careful of those people who have injured their hands in the last 6 months. Also, it is not recommended for beginners who have not previously trained triceps. To exclude accidental ligament injuries, you need to do no more than 4-5 approaches. At the same time, it is advisable to increase the load and intensity of training smoothly. Again, remember the importance of proper breathing.
  4. Exercise number 5. The exercise below is one of the most effective for triceps. The algorithm is as follows:
    • take a standing position and slightly lower your torso forward. As a pore, you can use a bench, stool or other support;
    • in an unoccupied hand, take a shell and take your hand with the load back. Keep your shoulder and elbow level. In this case, the hand itself must be pressed as close to the body as possible;
    • lower the dumbbell so that the hand takes a position in the shape of “L”;
    • straighten your hand;
    • do the required number of repetitions and change your hand;
    • perform alternately several approaches to each of the hands. If pain is felt when lifting (lowering) the dumbbell, then it is better not to do the exercise so far.
  5. Exercise number 6. A great option for triceps is push-ups with a narrow grip. The only difference is that the elbows should be firmly pressed against the body. The closer you move your palms, the higher the load on the triceps.
The exercise below is one of the most effective for triceps


The exercises described above are quite enough to qualitatively pump triceps and give the muscles of the hands the necessary shape. The main thing is the regularity of training, proper nutrition and strict adherence to technology.

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