Proper pumping of arm muscles at home or in the gym

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What exercises are most effective for biceps, triceps and forearm. How to properly build your training complex with an emphasis on hands.

For most athletes, the main indicator of success in the gym is not even the cubes on the press or the volume of the chest, but the size of the biceps. Many newcomers first of all ask the question of how to build arms. This is not surprising, because the symbol of masculinity is strong limbs – huge and shoulders, biceps, and well pumped forearms. All this is madly liked by women who are ready to “drown” in strong hands.

But, despite the existence of a goal, many do not know the main thing – how to quickly pump up their hands. You can spend months training, but nothing can be achieved. Let’s look at the format in which it is better to build a workout, how to properly pump up the biceps and other arm muscles.


You do not need to look deeply into the textbook of anatomy to understand the features of the biceps muscle. It consists of a pair of main heads. One of them is long (located on the outside), and the second is short (located on the inside). It is the stage of the pair of heads connected to the common tendon and located near the elbow joint. It turns out that the biceps muscle can not only bend the arm, but also turn the palm of the hand in the direction of the thumb.

To maximize the tension of the external head, the elbow joint must be retracted as far as possible behind the back. The situation is different with a short head, the study of which can be improved by extending the arms slightly forward.


Before pumping up biceps, you must understand not only the anatomy, but also understand the features of existing grip. For example, to work out the inside of the head, the best option is a wider grip. If there is a desire to load the external head to a greater extent, then grip when working with the bar should be done as soon as possible. With all the recommendations, huge hands will not keep you waiting.

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Do not forget about brachialis – one of the shoulder muscles, which takes a large share of the load. To figure out how to quickly pump up your biceps, you simply must take into account the subtleties of this muscle. When performing exercises, she takes on more than half the load. As a result, it is not the biceps muscle that works to a greater extent, but brachialis.

So how to pump up your arms in the biceps area? There are some excellent exercises here – working with the barbell for biceps (lifting is best done standing), working with dumbbells for the biceps (lying, with suspension), lifting the barbell with an extended brush (reverse grip), and a hammer.


In search of an answer, how to pump up big hands, we must not forget about another important muscle group – triceps. The latter consists of a whole group of heads – external (lateral), internal (long), middle (medial). All the “elements” of triceps are interconnected and work in all exercises where triceps is involved. The only thing that can vary is the degree of load, for example, when working with dumbbells or a barbell, as well as the mechanics of the exercise.

How to pump up the muscles of the hands in the triceps? Here are some interesting exercises:

  • push-ups on the bars (for concentration of the load on the triceps, it is better to make the grip narrow);
  • bench press (also with a narrow grip);
  • French bench press
  • extension of the arms when working in a vertical block.


Many beginners in search of a solution to how to pump up big hands work more for the mass and develop only the groups described above (triceps and biceps). In fact, this is a mistake. It is important to consider that on the arm there are also forearms, which also need attention.

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It is believed that they are better to swing with other muscle groups. This is partly true. But still, the forearm should also receive a portion of attention. This is especially true if your goal is not to work for the masses, but to create the perfect relief. If the goal is overall muscle growth, then the forearm will have enough overall load, for example, work on the back or chest.

For a point study, you need to know how to quickly pump up your hands in this area. There are three main exercises here:

  • work with a barbell for biceps (standard load lifting);
  • a similar exercise, but with the reverse setting of the hands;
  • bending the brush while holding the bar in the wrist. This exercise can be performed with dumbbells in hand.

Best Combinations

Now we will analyze how to pump up the muscles of the hands in a complex, that is, taking into account the preparation of a training program. There are several options here:

  • combination in one training work on the biceps and back, and on the other – triceps and pectoral muscles. This type of training is very effective, because the entire muscle group is being worked out – both the biceps and the back. In the next workout, the muscles are pumped even better – by working out the triceps and chest. The only drawback is that after training large muscles with a dumbbell or barbell, small groups will get tired and become less effective;
  • combination of triceps and back in one lesson, and chest and biceps in another. Often, athletes use this scheme when working on the mass. If you do not know how to pump up your hands at home, then you can give preference to this option. The plus here is that you can well train two beneficial muscles at once – the pectoral and the biceps, which are almost not connected to each other. For example, for the chest, you can do a bench press, and for the biceps – work with dumbbells. But there is a minus. If on one day you loaded the triceps and back, and on the other, the pectoral and biceps, then the biceps receives a load for two days in a row. In this case, you can only achieve overtraining of this muscle group;
  • The third option is considered the most promising. This is a combination of triceps and biceps. As in the past case, here you can choose any exercises – with dumbbells or a barbell. In addition, the exercise allows you to perfectly work out the muscles of the hands to mass.
hand complex


That’s it. Now you know approximately how to pump up your hands at home or in the gym. It remains only to realize their plans. But it happens that training does not give results. What to do in this case? There may be several reasons:

  • lack of progress in weight. To achieve results, the load must be increased. For example, if you work with dumbbells, then add under 2-3 kilograms every month;
  • wrong approach to training. Small muscles can grow only in combination with large ones. For example, when working with dumbbells for triceps and biceps, do not forget about performing exercises to pump your back, chest or legs;
  • mistakes in doing the exercise. Remember that the effectiveness of training without the right technique can not be dreamed of.
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