Nuances and secrets of doing pull-ups for the head

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What are the features and advantages of this type of pull-ups. How to carry them out correctly. Useful tips.

Pullups – the basic exercise with which it is possible to work out many muscle groups (back, arms, shoulders and even the press). In this case, there are many varieties – a narrow and wide grip, with the position of the palms away from you or to yourself, on one or two hands, and so on.

One of the interesting options is pulling up the head. What are the subtleties of exercise? What muscles can be worked out with its help? What technique should be followed? These and a number of other key issues will be addressed in the article.

What to consider?

Before doing this (more complex) exercise, you need to start with the usual pull-ups with a wide grip. If everything is in order here, and it is not difficult to complete 3-4 approaches of 8-10 repetitions, then we can proceed to the complicated version. At the same time, note that pulling up the head is performed taking into account the touch of the trapezoid on the horizontal bar. Finding the trapezius muscle is easy – it is located between the neck and shoulders.

In the process of pull-ups, you can not strongly tilt your head and touch the horizontal bar to the neck. In this case, the further the brushes are located from each other, the smaller the amplitude and the easier it is to complete the exercise . Upon reaching a certain experience, the use of weights is allowed. As an option – the arrangement of the hands with a less wide grip is possible.

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Many beginners make this exercise a jerk. This is prohibited due to the high risk of hitting the bar with the neck or the back of the head. There are cases when this led to serious injuries.

pull-ups for the head

When performing the exercise, the following muscles take part in the work:

  • deltas;
  • biceps muscle of the shoulder (biceps);
  • trapeze
  • latissimus dorsi.

Execution technique

Now let’s move on to the most important thing – how head pull-ups are performed. If we consider the exercise in general, the principle here is the same as in the version of simple pull-ups with a wide grip to the chest. But there are nuances:

  • Grasp the horizontal bar so that your arms are 20-25 cm wider than your shoulders .
  • Hang and imagine that the arms play only a supporting role (as if they lacked muscle). To make it easier to perform the exercise, bend your knees.
  • Take air into your lungs and pull yourself towards the bar with a powerful motion. Remember that only the broadest muscles of the back should work.
  • Exhale during the ascent phase. Hold your hands perpendicularly. Make sure that the body does not swing at the moment of raising and lowering. Tighten the body to a level where the horizontal bar is below the back of the head.
  • In the upper position, you can stay for 2-3 seconds, after which you need to slowly lower to the starting position. Try not to “fall” down – the lowering process should take some time. It is necessary that all the time the muscles are in tension.
  • During the period of lifting, twitching, jerking and assisting the hips are excluded. Make sure that the exercise is performed in a controlled and smooth manner.
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Top Secrets of Exercise

Wide grip head lifts should be performed taking into account the following nuances:

  • Grasp such a width so that at the peak (in the upper part) the forearms are parallel (or in another way, are perpendicular to the floor).
  • Try not to spread your arms too much. Otherwise, the amplitude decreases, and the widest ones are unloaded. It is ideal to find a middle ground when the amplitude is enough to work out the muscles.
  • When pulling up, try not to stoop. It is important. This is not difficult to do – just bring the shoulder blades as close to each other as possible. There are people who cannot pull themselves up because of insufficient mobility in the shoulders. Therefore, if you are stooped, then you should refuse to perform this type of exercise in favor of the usual movement to the chest.
  • Pulling up the head is a basic exercise and is designed to work out the broadest muscles. Therefore, if your task is to achieve a wide and powerful back, then it should be included in the training program.
  • If you can’t catch up even once, then you should attract an assistant. It will help you rise to the required level (you can use the gravitron).
stages of execution


This type of pull-ups works great on the upper back. In this case, the maximum load falls on small muscle groups. This also includes the round muscle, which naturally receives a small load.

Efficiency can be achieved if you do the exercise with a wide grip and slowly. At the same time, it is important to ensure that the elbows “look” to the side. If this rule is not followed, then the biceps, deltoid muscles and trapezoid will be connected to the work, which is a gross mistake.

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A very wide grip is not worth doing. This recommendation has one more justification. In this case, the shoulder joints “go loose”. Subsequently, problems with the bench press and other exercises may occur.

And the last thing – if you are new to the gym, start with classic pull-ups with a wide grip to the chest. As for the more serious variations, they should be left for the future. At the initial stage, three approaches of six to ten repetitions are sufficient. After the number of sets can be increased to four. When the number of repetitions reaches 15, an additional burden is allowed.

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