Myths, useful tips and a set of exercises for pumping up the abdominal muscles at home

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The basics of proper nutrition for a beautiful press. What myths about his training exist. A set of exercises and techniques for their implementation.

It is believed that you can get a “deadly” beautiful press and achieve cubes only in the gym and under the guidance of an experienced trainer. Not at all like that. With the right choice of exercise, the question can be solved at home. The main thing is to know how to eat right, what to consider during classes and what exercises to choose. In this article we will consider in detail how to pump up the press at home quickly and without any problems.

How to eat?

If you continue to eat in the same mode and knead sweets, you can forget about the beautiful press. To achieve results, consider several important points:

  • firstly, about half of the total diet should be occupied by proteins. As for carbohydrates, they must be complex;
  • secondly, drink as much liquid as possible (about two to three liters). Such daily intake will be sufficient;
  • thirdly, calculate your calorie intake and adhere strictly to it. Exceeding the norm is a plus in the abdomen;
  • fourthly, eat fractionally, that is, in small portions. In this case, do not skip breakfasts.
pumping press

Myths about the press

The desire of many to pump up a beautiful press and regular failures led to the emergence of many myths. Here is some of them:

  • if you actively train the abs muscles, then the fat will go away by itself. Not at all. To get rid of fat, you need primarily aerobic exercise;
  • to train the press daily is much more effective than 3-5 times a week. Again, this is a fallacy. Muscle fibers need rest for proper growth. Otherwise, the effect will be minimal. Daily exercises are good only for professionals whose muscles recover faster;
  • a few exercises may be enough to achieve the effect. There is also an error here. To get the expected cubes, training must be diverse;
  • A large number of repetitions allows faster results. And again, “past.” If you do a lot of repetitions, then all you will achieve is unique endurance. As practice shows, it is better to do several different exercises, but 15-20 repetitions, than one, but 50 times.
myths about the press

Useful Tips

Before you start training, consider the following points:

  • the muscles of the press tend to get used to identical loads. Therefore, diversity is very important to them;
  • to see the “cubes” does not work, while on top lies a thick layer of press;
  • You can achieve the effect if the training is carried out before the first signs of burning;
  • during training, there should be no fanatical diets – the muscles need to get everything necessary for growth;
  • Watch the exercise technique carefully. Violation of the latter can cause serious injury.

Core exercises

Now consider a group of exercises that will be most effective for working out the muscles of the press:

  • Twisting. This exercise should be performed in a horizontal position, the back on the floor, the knee joint is bent, the hands are located behind the neck, and the elbows are apart. Now slowly raise the torso and lower it to the starting point. Note that the lower back should be on the floor throughout the approach. The number of repetitions is 20-30 times. The number of approaches is 3-4;
  • Twisting diagonal. The initial position remains unchanged. The only difference is that after lifting you need to touch the right elbow joint to the left knee. At the next ascent – the left elbow joint to the right knee. The number of repetitions is 20-30 times. The number of approaches is 3-4;
  • Reverse twisting. The advantage of this exercise is the ability to work out the lower part of the press. Initial position – the body lies horizontally, the back touches the floor, hands are on the left and right sides of the body. Now strain your abs and raise your legs, and then lift your pelvic area behind your legs (the farther, the better). Once the abdominal muscles have gained maximum tension, return to their original position. The number of repetitions and approaches is the same as in previous exercises;
  • Double twisting is a complicated form of a popular exercise. Almost the entire area of ​​the press works here. The initial position is standard except that the legs are bent at the knees somewhere at an angle of 45 degrees. Then do the exercise. In this case, the legs and head should rise simultaneously. The number of repetitions is 25-30 times, the total number of approaches is 3-4;
  • Lifting legs. This is an excellent and simple exercise that allows you to load the lower part of the press. The point is simple. Take a horizontal position, legs extended, arms along the body. Now take turns raising one and the other leg, keeping each of them in the upper position for about 5-7 seconds. A similar exercise should be performed on the side. The number of repetitions and approaches is the same as in previous exercises;
  • Abdominal vacuum. This exercise is mandatory, because with its help the transverse part of the press is perfectly worked out. The principle of implementation is simple. Get on all fours and make your back as straight as possible. Release all air from the lungs, relieve tension in the abdominal area and draw in the stomach. After “freeze” in this position for 16-18 seconds and try to further draw in the stomach. The number of repetitions for a start is 13-15. As soon as the necessary experience appears, you can increase them to 20-25;
  • Scissors. This exercise perfectly distinguishes press cubes, so its inclusion in the workout is required. All that is required is to lie down horizontally, hands near the body. Lift your legs somewhere 10-15 centimeters from the floor, and then begin to wave your legs left and right, simulating the work of scissors. You can’t raise your head. Do exercises as long as you have the strength. The total number of approaches is 3-4.
abdominal exercises


The above exercises do not have to be completed in one workout. You can combine so that each lesson is as saturated as possible, and the muscles are not used to the same loads. If everything is done correctly, the result will definitely come.

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