Is it possible to pump back muscles at home?

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How to pump your back at home, only effective exercises

 The answer to the question of how to pump up your back at home is of interest to many people, especially men. It’s not always possible to visit the gym and use the services of a qualified trainer, but you want to have a beautiful, embossed V-shaped back.

The muscular complex of the back with its dimensions is second only to the muscles of the legs; its development is of great importance for those who wish to acquire the correct posture and maintain the health of the spine.

What exercises for developing back muscles can be successfully performed at home. How to make yourself a training program. Exercises for scoliosis.

Many Internet sites assure users that training outside the gym is ineffective and does not produce results. But this approach is wrong. There are thousands of examples confirming the quality of homework. The main thing is to form a competent training program taking into account the characteristics of the body and adhere to it for 2-3 months (after the program changes). Consider how to pump your back at home and what exercises will help in achieving the result.

The first stage – stretching the spine

To achieve the result and eliminate damage to the back, it is worth taking time to stretch the spine. Below are recommendations on how to do this correctly:

  1. After waking up, roll over on your stomach, put your hands on the same level with your chest and stretch back as far as possible. In this case, the hands act as a stop. The number of repetitions is 7-10 times. Exercise is done correctly when there is a sensation of stretching of the vertebrae.
  2. Bend your legs at the knee joints and stretch your head towards them. Correct execution guarantees the removal of excess load from the back and relaxation.
  3. Become facing the wall, so that it remains 40-50 centimeters. Raise your arms up to see your palms. Stand against the wall with your hands (while the legs remain in the same place). Touch the surface of the wall with your chin and chest, feeling the spine is stretched. If there is no expected effect, then you should move away from the wall and perform the exercise again. After 20-30 seconds, turn your head to one and the other side, touching the wall with your cheek.
  4. Turn your back to the stairs of the Swedish wall, raise your hands up, grab the bar and bend your legs. This exercise ensures vertical stretching of the spinal column.
  5. Take a break and hang on the horizontal bar. Then bend back and bend your legs. Keep your movements smooth and your thoughts focused on the exercise.
class result

Occupational principles

Training at home requires the following recommendations:

  • Conduct classes on a regular basis – twice a week. It makes no sense to load the body 3 or 4 times a week, because the muscles will not have time to recover. Rare training (1 time) does not give the expected effect.
  • To achieve the result, back muscles should be trained in three approaches of 12-15 repetitions. After a time, when experience appears and muscles gain strength, it is worth working on the principle of “to failure”. The bottom line is that one or two approaches are done through “I can not.”
  • Change training complexes to prevent the body from getting used to the stress.
  • Keep in mind that warming up muscle fibers and warming up joints is the main component of a workout. If you immediately start the lesson, then the risk of injury is high.
  • Training begins with a “base,” that is, exercises in which several joints work. The final should be isolating exercises aimed at working out a specific muscle.
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Training program

The back is worked out twice a week. You will need dumbbells, preferably collapsible. The program is as follows:

  1. Monday Tuesday Wednesday). Do the following:
    • Romanian deadlift with dumbbells . Bodybuilding professionals call this exercise the best in terms of working out the back muscles, thigh biceps and buttocks. The considered draft option is suitable for both beginners and experienced athletes (girls can also perform exercises).
      Take the starting position – place your feet shoulder width apart, bend the body in the lumbar region. Do not keep your legs straight – bend them slightly in the knee joints. The technique is simple – tilt until the body is parallel to the floor. In this case, the dumbbells should be located close to the body. Return to starting position (full straightening).
    • Dumbbell pull with one hand. This exercise guarantees the “finishing” of the broadest muscles. The principle of implementation is simple. Take the starting position – become the knee of one leg on the bench (the other leg is stubborn). Take the dumbbell in the hand from the side with which the leg is straightened. So, if the right leg is straightened, then the dumbbell will be in the right hand. The second hand rests its palm against the surface. Keep your back parallel to the floor and lift the projectile to the level of the body. Then slowly return it to its original position, sensing muscle strain.
  2. Thursday Friday Saturday). Perform a second workout these days. Here are the exercises:
    • Dumbbell pull in the slope . With proper execution, it is possible to work out each part of the back. Bend your legs slightly in the knee joints, lower the body and fix it at an angle of 45 degrees to the floor. Next, grab the dumbbells and lift them up along the sides of the body. Raise to a level until the blades are maximally reduced to each other. After the projectile returns to its original position.
    • Wide grip pull-up . The benefits of the exercise are the study of the broadest, round and many other muscles. Hang on the horizontal bar with a grip slightly wider than the shoulders and reach for the horizontal bar until it is compared with the level of the chin (without jerking). At the time of execution, do not grab the bar with the thumb of your hand – this will transfer the load to the biceps.
    • Hyperextension is an isolating exercise that is worth “ finishing off ” your back. It is believed that a simulator is necessary for him. This is not true. An improvised “tool” is a sofa (it must be hard). The goal is to fix the legs and allow the body to move up and down. First, it rises, then slowly lowers to the lower point.
pump back muscles at home

Scoliosis Exercises

Scoliosis is not a reason to refuse training. After doing a few easy exercises, you will achieve unloading of the back and its treatment. The program is as follows:

  1. Stand straight, legs apart at shoulder level. Tilt back and forth with maximum amplitude.
  2. Visit the pool or simulate swimming at home. Keep your back flat. “Float” is “frog-like” or brass.
  3. Get on your knees, rest your palms on the floor and bend the spine in the manner of a cat. The number of repetitions is 12-15.
  4. Take a standing position, put your feet at shoulder height. Next, raise your hands and fasten their lock. Now do the slopes in different directions. The number of repetitions is 8-10 in each of the parties.
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The strict observance of the execution technique and the striving for the result guarantee the effect in the form of a raised and wide back. The main thing is not to forget about the importance of nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

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