How to start running competently: tips on techniques and organization of training

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Why run, who needs it, and who is forbidden. In what conditions is it better to train. Necessary clothes and shoes. Useful technical tips.

Running is an ideal opportunity to strengthen your health, lose weight, achieve overall body relief and correct leg muscles. At first glance, everything is simple here – choose shoes, a tracksuit and go ahead to the track. But with beginners, this approach does not work. In the best case, willpower is enough for several trainings, and in the worst case, health problems “crawl out” and injuries appear. That is why, in the absence of experience, jogging should be started wisely and following a number of principles. Below we will look at why jogging is needed, what is the use of it, and how to start running from scratch.

Benefits of running

If you plan to improve the quality of life, be sure to find a place for jogging in your busy schedule. There are plenty of reasons for this. Running has the following effect:

  • accelerates the process of releasing hormones of pleasure that effectively fight depression, pain and other negative manifestations;
  • develops blood vessels and heart muscle, makes it hardier and more elastic;
  • normalizes blood circulation, eliminates many problems in the intimate sphere;
  • helps to accelerate metabolic processes, increase overall tone. In the case of slow runs, a special “massage effect” appears. With the help of running, it is easier to lose weight and put the figure in order;
  • helps to get rid of many bad habits;
  • forms the best personal qualities, such as determination, the ability to conquer one’s laziness, confidence, and so on.

Basic goals

Before you start running, the determinant with the task. There are several options here:

  1. For weight loss. As a rule, many decide on jogging to combat excess body fat. If your motivation is connected with this, then spend time jogging at least 4-5 times a week for 50-60 minutes. Otherwise, you should not expect serious results (fat deposits cannot be eliminated).
  2. For muscle training. As already mentioned, jogging is a good load for the leg muscles. But no matter how active the training, it is unlikely to achieve the expected relief with one run. The task of running is to help in the fight against excess fat, but not by pumping it into muscles.
    To build legs, consider two important points:
    • give running three workouts a week for 35-40 minutes;
    • add weight lifting to the gym.
  3. For pleasure. Many people go for a run just to distract from the bustling world and completely surrender to their thoughts. In such a situation, the question of how to start running correctly is the easiest to solve. You can determine the duration of training, their pace and rhythm. It all depends on the desire and the availability of free time. The main thing is not to force events and start from a short distance and a minimum pace.
running rules


Running is extremely beneficial for the body and has many beneficial effects on the body. But, despite all the advantages, it is worth highlighting a number of health restrictions (after all, jogging implies heavy loads). So, it is not recommended to be active with jogging in the presence of heart defects, arrhythmias, circulatory problems, pain in the lumbar and hernia.

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If there are problems with the spinal column, chronic diseases, high intraocular pressure, cancer, malfunctioning of the genitourinary system, then jogging is also better to refuse. In any case, consultation with a doctor will not be superfluous.

Morning or evening?

Today there is a lot of discussion about how to start running from scratch, and at what time of the day jogging will be most useful – in the early or evening hours. As practice shows, both options are worthy of attention. The main thing is that it is convenient for you to train on time. Frequent absenteeism nullifies their effectiveness.

If you prefer morning jogging, then pay special attention to warming up. Give your body time to warm up and prepare for serious stress. Morning jogging is an incredible charge of energy and strength for the whole working day. Their advantage is the ability to breathe with clean and still gas.

Where is it better to go jogging?

When choosing a place for jogging, you start from the convenience for yourself. This can be a jogging track, a favorite street around the house, a forest, a park area, a stadium and so on. Many are interested in how to start running from scratch in winter, when the temperature is much lower than zero. In this case, it is better not to risk your health and start off the treadmill in the gym. As soon as it gets warmer, you can go outside.

A great option for beginners is the stadium. Its advantages are high-quality coating and freedom for running. There is no need to be afraid to come across any car or passers-by. If possible, combine different options. For example, one week you can run in the park, and another – on the street.

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You can safely devote the whole article to the theme of jogging shoes. Today there are many models that have the most diverse characteristics and are designed for one or another athlete. What do most newbies do? They take out old sneakers or already worn out sneakers from the cabinet and begin to “exploit” them. After 1-2 weeks of such runs, you can feel severe pain in the joints.

right shoes

What conclusion can be made? To improve, and not ruin your health, it is better to buy the appropriate shoes. If you have a normal weight, then do not give preference to models with excessive cushioning and a high heel. To establish a normal technique, it is better to give preference to sneakers with thin soles.

Pay particular attention to size – it should not be butt. Moreover, the presence of a small margin is only a plus.

Running technique

Now consider how to properly start running from a position of technology. It is believed that at the initial stage, you can put your feet and push off, as the soul desires. But this is not so. There are several important points that you must remember:

  • do not fall with your whole weight on the heel, throwing your leg forward. This type of jogging is dangerous from the point of view of injuries and pains in the knee joints. Try to run at least two hundred meters barefoot – an increased load will immediately feel;
  • first land on the toe, and after that take the entire mass to the plane of the foot. The last step is to touch the asphalt with the heel (but it should be short-term);
  • in the case of a proper run, the feet should move silently. Loud sounds during the run are a sign of a clear violation of technology. You can imagine that you are a predator that hunts for its prey;
  • during the run, the shoulders should be down, the press is a little tense, the spine is even;
  • steps should be made short. Jumps “up and down” should not be;
  • while running, do not look under your feet – look forward.
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There are fewer clothing requirements than shoes. Give preference to light track suits. The best material is synthetics, which can repel moisture in the event of rain. If you put on cotton, it will get wet and stick to the skin. It is better for girls to immediately get high-quality underwear for sports.

As for the choice of clothes for the weather, here it is worth focusing on your feelings. As a rule, it is recommended to remove one layer of clothing (if compared with a normal walk). You don’t need to wear a lot of clothes, because you get so tired so fast and you won’t be able to run normally. It is believed that fat will also go away with sweat. But this is not so. The only thing you will achieve is dehydration, but this does not apply to weight loss.

How to start running competently


Finally, we highlight a few tips:

  • do not run too fast. To lay the foundation, start with a slow pace with a periodic increase in pace;
  • start with a small distance, subject to its gradual increase by 10-20%;
  • Do not abuse your abilities and do jogging every day. At the initial stage, it is worth paying special attention not only to training, but also to high-quality recovery;
  • try to breathe while you are comfortable while running. The only thing that inhaling is still better through the nose.

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