How to perform pull-ups with a wide grip on the crossbar?

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How does this type of pull-ups differ from the rest. Its advantages and technique. Working muscle groups.

The horizontal bar is a shell popular in the world of sports that opens up new perspectives for beginner athletes and assists in the study of many muscle groups. One of the options for the exercise is pull-ups with a wide grip, which are aimed at working out the broadest muscles of the back.

Exercise belongs to the category of basic. Regular workouts guarantee a V-shaped back that adorns the torso of a real man. What are the features of this exercise? What muscle groups is it aimed at? What are the nuances of implementation to consider?

Performance technique

To achieve the maximum result of pulling with a wide grip, it is necessary to perform with strict observance of the technique. The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  1. Take the horizontal bar at a distance wider than the shoulders by 20-25 cm or more .
  2. For maximum stretching of the broadest muscles, do not strain your hands – the back should do all the work. Many athletes recommend imagining that the arms are the ropes that only hold the torso, while other muscle groups take on the rest.
  3. As you exhale, tighten your muscles and reach for your chest. For the entire period of pulling up, watch for the elbow joints – they should be in one position. It is forbidden to pull them to the sides of the case.
  4. Raise the torso until the chest is at the same level with the bar or slightly below its level.
  5. Breathe in and lower yourself to the original position.
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What muscles work?

Wide grip pull-ups connect the following groups to work:

  • The main working muscles are the broadest, rhomboid and large round muscle of the back . Each of them has an individual purpose. Thus, the latissimus dorsi stretches the back up and promotes the pressing or abduction of the elbows to the sides. Diamond-shaped – helps to turn the scapula down (while the lower edge is close to the vertebra). The large round brings the torso to the elbow joints and deflects the shoulders.
  • A number of auxiliary muscle groups also take part in the work. Among them are the major and minor pectoral muscles, biceps, triceps, subscapular and coracorachial muscle.
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What are the rules to consider when doing the exercise?

In the pull-up process, consider a number of the following recommendations:

  • Do not connect the forearm and biceps of the shoulder to work. Imagine that the hands just hold the weight of the body, and instead of the hands (conditionally) – hooks. The task of the remaining muscle groups is to raise the body to the crossbar.
  • The wider the arms are spread during the exercise, the more actively the latitudinal muscles are loaded and the more actively the back develops. The main thing is not to overdo it. The criterion to be guided by when choosing a position is ease of execution.
  • At the top, the chin should go above the horizontal bar. It is important that the elbows are not connected to the torso. If you make such a mistake, then the amplitude of the torso movement decreases. The result is a decrease in the effectiveness of the exercise.
  • With insufficient development of the broadest muscle pull-ups cause a number of difficulties. Beginners have two options – ask a partner to help with the exercise (he will lift the body until the chin reaches the necessary point). The second option is to consider other types of pull-ups and add them to the training program. In the future, when the back muscles become stronger, it will be easier to return to the type of exercise in question. A good option is pull-ups on the bar with a grip from the bottom (usually done easier by connecting the biceps to work). It is worth adding to the training program and vertical traction on the block.
  • Different breathing techniques are allowed. So, you need to gain air in the negative phase, and release it during the load. In the last repetitions during rest in the starting position, it is allowed to take several additional breaths.
  • Try not to jerk and work only at the expense of the back muscles.
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General Provisions

To understand the principles of the exercise, it is worthwhile to understand each of its aspects:

  • Who is it for ? This type of pull-ups is suitable for both beginners and professionals. Its advantage is that a large number of muscles are connected to the work (the exercise is considered basic).
  • When to perform ? The best execution time is at the beginning of a workout aimed at working out the back muscles. After completion, move on to other exercises, such as tilt barbell pull, frontal pull on the block, T-bar pull, etc. In some cases, pull-ups after the deadlift are allowed. The advantage of this alternation is the ability to stretch the spine.
  • How much to do ? The total number of repetitions is 12-15 times, the number of approaches is 3-4.
  • How to increase efficiency ? Over time, its own weight becomes small. In this situation, add extra weight. The load is fixed on the belt. Wrist straps that securely hold hands are allowed.
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Experienced athletes do not recommend stopping only at the above exercise. Today, other types of pull-ups on the horizontal bar are popular, which are no less effective:

  • Medium grip (palms away from you) . This option is called classic. He is popular in school, the army and among most beginner athletes. The main emphasis is on the back, the flexor muscles of the forearm, the biceps of the shoulder.
  • Medium grip (palms toward you) . Compared to the previous version, this type of exercise is easier. The main difference is that biceps get a big load.
  • Narrow grip (palms opposite each other) . This option is good for people who have problems with their wrists. During execution, the lower part of the latissimus is worked out.
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Pull-ups on a horizontal bar with a wide spread of arms is an exercise that works every day to expand your back. So, if increasing the volume of this part of the body is one of the main tasks of visiting the gym or doing exercises at home, then the inclusion of such movement in the program is mandatory.

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