How to do lunges with dumbbells?

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What muscles work in this exercise. Variations of its execution. Competent execution technique and useful tips.

Nature has deprived many people of well-defined and pumped buttocks. Naturally, this feature does not please representatives of both sexes. There are two options here – to put up with a completely non-sexual and flat fifth point or to adopt one very effective exercise – lunges with dumbbells. What is its meaning? What is the execution technique? What tips should you follow first? Let’s talk about everything in more detail.

What is this exercise?

As a rule, lunges with dumbbells belong to the basic exercises that allow you to effectively work out the muscle groups of the hips and buttocks. More specifically, we can distinguish several working groups:

  1. Target muscles are the hips, buttocks and abs.
  2. Auxiliary muscle group – soleus and adductor muscles, calves, buttocks (major and minor muscle), abdominal transverse muscles, long dorsal and rhomboid muscles.
  3. The main working group is quadriceps, hamstrings, buttocks.

As you can see, doing lunges with dumbbells, you can connect many muscles. At the same time, we must not forget that the exercise itself is more related to relief, rather than stimulating growth. No matter how often you lunges, pumping up your muscles will still not work, but to make them more prominent is quite possible.

Types and technique

Before you get down to business, figure out what types of exercises are, and what the execution technique should be.

lunges with dumbbells

So, the main options include:

  • lunges performed on the spot (without movement) with a weight of up to five kilograms;
  • Bulgarian type of lunges when one of the legs is thrown onto a bench. At the same time, it is necessary to take dumbbells with a weight of up to five kilograms in your hands (as in the previous case);
  • successive lunges in motion. In this case, the dumbbells should have a weight of up to 16 kilograms;
  • successive payments in motion, but a bar is used as a weighting agent.
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The execution technique itself is as follows:

  1. Find a place where you can easily complete the exercise. Please note that work is carried out with weighting materials, so it is better to determine the route in advance. Decide on the beginning and end of the movement, trying not to disturb anyone.
  2. Pick up weight weights and find suitable dumbbells. On average, the mass should be such that it was possible to easily perform 2-3 sets of 9-10 lunges.
  3. Get on the starting launch pad, take the right position. Keep steady, place your feet parallel to each other (slightly wider than the hips). Chest preferably a little forward and make a slight deflection in the lumbar region. Look forward, knees slightly bent, dumbbells in hands.
  4. Take the widest possible step. At the same time, make sure that the center of gravity of the body is accurately transferred to the leg set forward. After that, sit down on it, while keeping the torso as straight as possible and do not lean in one or the other direction.
  5. At the lowest point, the position should look like this. The front leg should bend at the right angle in the knee. At the same time, make sure that the gluteal muscles and thigh are as tight as possible. Leave the knee of the hind leg in a suspended state, that is, without touching the floor.
  6. Hold your breath and firmly place your front foot, and then rise from a sitting position. The hind leg can act as a “spring”, after which it is attached to the push leg.
  7. Repeat lunges, but with the other leg.
correct technique

Execution Secrets

When lunging with dumbbells, try the following tips:

  • Before starting the exercise, do a good stretch of the main muscle groups. This approach is an opportunity to minimize the risks of injury;
  • try to make the execution technique perfect. Before you begin the movement, “walk” your path mentally;
  • while moving, look only forward. If you look under your feet, this will lead to rounding of the back. As a result, the overall effectiveness of the exercise will fall;
  • breathe correctly: when moving down, you need to inhale, and when moving up – exhale;
  • use your hind leg only to maintain balance. Use it as a repellent is not desirable;
  • in order to stabilize the supporting leg, the last toe must be turned slightly inward;
  • if you make lunges with dumbbells having a weight of 30-40 kilograms, and focus on a sharp rise, then you can count on the growth of muscle mass;
  • make sure that the knee joint remains at 90 degrees during bending. Ideally, it should not cross the plane of the toe and form a blunt (sharp) angle;
  • at the initial stages, movement with weight can be a very difficult task, but over time, the muscles get used to the load;
  • to increase the efficiency of the exercise, you can put your foot on a small stand with a height of 15-20 centimeters. This will allow the gluteal muscles to stretch more during lowering;
  • to make it easier to maintain balance, try to walk not along one line, but spread your legs slightly on the sides;
  • the back of the leg should remain on the toe. The goal is to move the mass to the working (front) leg;
  • When lunging, try to get as low as possible. In this case, it is desirable to straighten the disadvantages of running to the end. It is allowed to tilt the body slightly forward to pull the gluteus maximus muscle;
  • at the initial stage, you can do an exercise with dumbbells in one hand.
execution process


Lunges are one of the best exercises for creating beautiful and sculpted buttocks. The main thing is to strictly observe the execution technique and do not forget to add exercises to your training program.

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