How to carry out concentrated lifting for biceps?

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What muscles allows you to work out this exercise. The technique of its execution, the number of approaches and repetitions. Useful tips.

Many beginners at the first visit to the gym “pounce” on several major muscle groups – biceps and abs. At the same time, fantasy is only enough for 2-3 exercises – the classic lifting of a barbell or dumbbells while standing, as well as the study of muscles on Scott’s bench.

But this is not always enough. To improve the result of classes, a concentrated rise in biceps should be included in the training program. What are the features of this exercise? What are the options? What should be the performance technique?

Muscle at work

 The first biceps exercises were developed back in the 30s of the last century. At the same time, they were preserved almost in its original form. One of them is lifting the biceps with fixation of the elbow, the task of which is to study the biceps of the shoulder muscle and increase its size.

In addition to the mentioned group, the brachioradial and brachial muscles, the upper and middle part of the trapezium, abs and even triceps also participate in the work. Of course, they play a more supportive role. 


 What are the advantages of such an exercise:

  • Only one joint is involved in the work.
  • It is possible to quickly form the shape of the biceps.
  • There is an opportunity to clearly outline the biceps.
  • Possible “cheating” due to rocking of the body and work of the back is excluded.
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How to do it?

 Concentrated biceps lift is a simple exercise in which it is almost impossible to make a mistake. But a certain algorithm of actions must be performed:

  1. Take a comfortable position on a horizontal bench, and then spread your legs to the sides (they should be slightly wider than the shoulders).
  2. Then pick up a dumbbell, and set the elbow on the inside of the thigh. Lower the brush with the load almost to the end, but without full straightening.
  3. Breathe in and hold your elbow in the same place, strain your biceps and lift the dumbbell. The rise should be carried out somewhere to the shoulder position. At the moment of maximum effort, exhale. When the projectile is at the highest point, fix the position for 2-3 seconds.
  4. Start to extend your arm, gradually returning it to its previous position. Lowering should be slightly slower. Do the required number of repetitions.

As for the variations, there is little choice – you can use dumbbells or work on a crossover.

work process

Secrets and Nuances

To get the maximum result and squeeze out all the “juices” from the biceps, it is worth considering the following points:

  • Watch your hand move. The entire period of lifting and lowering the load, it should be in a fixed position, and only the forearm should move.
  • In the upper position, turn the brush so that the little finger is located slightly above the thumb.
  • Try not to extend your arm fully – this can cause injury.
  • A concentrated lift to the biceps should be the last in the training of this muscle group. At the same time, it is necessary to start with a weaker hand (most often the left).
  • To make the amplitude larger, you can substitute a small step platform under the supporting leg.
  • Lifting should be 2-3 times faster than lowering.
  • To improve the results, it is worth gradually increasing the weight and, if necessary, helping yourself with the other hand (or ask a partner).
  • The number of sets should be 3-5, and the number of repetitions – 10-12.
  • During the exercise, monitor the muscles – they should be as tense as possible throughout the approach.
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What to give preference to?

Many athletes are wondering which of the biceps exercises to prefer. Here you can turn to research that has been conducted in the United States. According to the results, the greatest muscle activity was shown just with concentrated performance (90%), in second place was working with a crossover (80%), and in third place was bending the arms with a barbell (straight bar) – 76%.

exercise options

On the other hand, a concentrated lift allows you to “grind” the biceps of the desired shape. But you still need to pump it up, gaining the necessary volume. Therefore, the best option is to work out the muscle group for the first time with the help of basic exercises and only after achieving certain results connect isolated ones.


If the training was not in vain and the biceps have acquired the desired size, then concentrated lifting is the opportunity to further work out the muscle and give it the expected shape. At the same time, try to always be proactive, that is, add working weight, helping with the other hand. This will allow you to work more efficiently.

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