Shoulder muscle gain gym training program for men The importance of the development of the shoulder girdle cannot be overestimated. Over the centuries, broad-shouldered people have been leaders in clans and communities around the world. From here came the well-known phrases “to hold the whole world on our shoulders”, “responsibility lies on […]

What principles should be followed in training shoulders. What are the most effective deltoid exercises. Broad shoulders are one of the main manifestations of masculinity and strength, respecting other men and trembling in the chest in women. Despite this, many athletes do not pay due attention to this muscle group. This is not […]

How often should you triceps at home. What exercises should be chosen, their competent execution technique. A well-pumped triceps is not only beautiful. It makes the hands visually larger, complements the biceps, adorns the overall relief. At the same time, many believe that it is only possible to pump muscle well in a […]

What exercises are most effective for biceps, triceps and forearm. How to properly build your training complex with an emphasis on hands. For most athletes, the main indicator of success in the gym is not even the cubes on the press or the volume of the chest, but the size of […]