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“If you don’t run while you’re healthy, you’ll have to run when you get sick” (Quint Horace Flaccus).

Webformdesigner.com – a few words about the blog

Hello dear readers.
I’ll say a few words about the blog: “webformdesigner.com”.
There is such a hormone – endorphin. It is called the hormone of happiness. It causes a feeling of joy and euphoria. The brain produces endorphins naturally. Sex and sport stimulate its appearance in the body.

Our blog is about stimulus number two. Sport boosts libido. This well-known fact has a scientific justification. But even without complex terms, it’s enough to look at the figures of athletes to understand what libido is.

The webformdesigner.com site is for those who want to enjoy their reflection in the mirror, but perhaps do not know where to start. We will help you take the first steps along the road of physical education.

Let’s talk about the types of training, explain how the aerobic load differs from the power. We will help you choose a simulator for home.
Physical activity is the best you can give to your body: body, soul and mind.