What principles should be followed in training shoulders. What are the most effective deltoid exercises. Broad shoulders are one of the main manifestations of masculinity and strength, respecting other men and trembling in the chest in women. Despite this, many athletes do not pay due attention to this muscle group. This is not […]

What exercises for developing back muscles can be successfully performed at home. How to make yourself a training program. Exercises for scoliosis. Many Internet sites assure users that training outside the gym is ineffective and does not produce results. But this approach is wrong. There are thousands of examples confirming the quality of homework. The […]

What muscles work in this exercise. Variations of its execution. Competent execution technique and useful tips. Nature has deprived many people of well-defined and pumped buttocks. Naturally, this feature does not please representatives of both sexes. There are two options here – to put up with a completely non-sexual and flat fifth point or […]