create an email form with webformdesigner
Our form-to-email service is designed to work smoothly with forms you produce with WebFormDesigner. Here's how:

Once you have designed your form in WebFormDesigner,
you need to produce the code to insert into your web page.
Click the Create Code button:

You will be shown the first page of the Create Code routine:
In the "Processing the Form" section, select "I am using WebFormDesigner's form-to-email service".

Next you should input your Form ID number. This is a unique ten character 'word' of assorted letters and numbers that you would have recieved by email when signing up for the form-to-email service. Input the Form ID into the box as shown:
Note that the Form ID shown is an example - your ID will be different and unique to you. This is how our system identifies incoming forms as meant for you.
If you do not know your Form ID, please log in to your account to retrieve it.

Click Continue to move to the next page.
In general, your form will be inside a "container" component such as a table or SiteSpinner's code object, so you should leave the Positioning set to the default (Relative).

You can also optionally ask for confirmation from your user before the form is submitted. This is useful in ensuring your user didn't accidently click the submit button. To select, click the appropriate checkbox - you can also change the confirmation question to whatever you prefer.

Click the Continue button for the next page
The last page is the actual code for the form, ready to copy into your web page. Most web design programs allow pasting from the Windows clipboard, and that is usually the easiest way to get the code into your page. Simply click the Copy To Clipboard button, and then minimize WebFormDesigner. Open up your webpage, and after deciding where to place the form, paste it in. This is usually done by going to Edit -> Paste, or pressing Ctrl + V, although your program may differ. Alternatively, you can save the code output to disk by clicking 'Export as text'.
You can also preview the form in your computer's default browser, by clicking on the Preview button. Note that because you are previewing just the form, the position will default to the top/left of the page. The form you see should be fully working, and you can test it from the preview if desired.
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The next page allows you to optionally specify a sort order for the form's information. This allows the email that you will be sent to list the data in order. You can select to sort it alphabetically based on the element's name , or a custom order. You can rearrange the custom order by clicking on an element, and using the up or down arrows to move it up or down the list.

Click the Continue button for the next page