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So you've designed a beautiful contact form with WebFormDesigner. Now what? Without some means of receiving your user's information, the form is pretty much useless.
You need a form handler.
This is usually consists of a script running on the server where your website is stored. The most common type of handler for Contact Forms is a "form-to-email" script. This takes the data from your form and emails you the information. Scripts on servers can be in several programming languages, including Perl and PHP. Since it is a little easier to work with, our example here will use a PHP script.

Click here to get a copy of a form-to-email script

There are a few lines in the script that will need editing to suit your details. Notepad can sometimes cause problems with scripts; try Metapad for a great, free, alternative.

You need to edit these lines:

Line 7: $your_email = "";
Change to the email address you want the form results sent to. One of the beauties of PHP scripts is that they keep your email address hidden and private.

Line 10: $thankyou = "thiswillbeyourthankyoupage.html";
It's recommended you create a 'thank you' page on your site, to indicate to th euser that their form has been received. Put the full address of your 'thank you' page in here, something like: ""

Line 14: $subject = "Contact Form";
This will be the subject title of the email you receive, so you can see at a glance what it is. You can change this to whatever you would prefer.

After making the changes, save the file and upload it to your web server.

Your Form
The above script requires that your contact form has at least two fields in it, one called "name" and the other called "email" (note lower case). You can, of course, have as many additional fields as you require.
After designing your form in WebFormDesigner, you are ready to produce the code for your web page design program. Click the "Create Code" button.  Now you must tell WFD where to send the form details.
In the box marked "The script that handles this form is located at:", enter the full URL to your formtoemail script. It will probably be something like: "". Continue with creating the code, and enter it into your web page (This is easily done by first clicking the 'copy to clipboard' button, and then pasting into your web design program)

Upload your completed web page to your server, and preview it in your browser. Try the form out to make sure it's working. If all is ok, after completing your form you should be redirected to your 'thank you' page, and also receive an email at the address you input into the script.

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This tutorial deals with using your own formmail script running on your server.
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